Neuropsychological Testing in Charlotte NC

Evaluations and Testing

Unlocking Insights, Empowering Growth: Your Assessment Journey Begins Here
At the Shapiro BrainHealth Group, we specialize in conducting brief and comprehensive assessments and testing for attentional and learning differences, social-behavioral challenges, and medical/neurological disorders.

All brains are different, and different individuals can be impacted very differently by the same life circumstances.

Neuropsychological and psychological testing provide insights into how developmental or medical concerns are impacting how one thinks, behaves, or feels. The goal is to provide targeted intervention strategies that build on strengths and promote success, not just a diagnosis.

What’s an evaluation?

We start with the WHY. What are the concerns that are prompting the request for testing? 

  • We proceed with an intake with parents or the adult to be tested in order to understand the concerns, history, and context. 
  • If we all agree that formal testing is the best next step, we will schedule a date for in-person testing and ask for all educational and medical records – the more data, the deeper our understanding.


These aren’t like tests you take in school. Psychological and neuropsychological tests assess functioning across many different areas – general ability, problem-solving, memory, attention, language, visual/spatial, social-emotional/behavioral, and more – to understand a person’s strengths and opportunities for growth or improvement. These standardized tests help us understand how people approach different kinds of tasks, and to determine relative proficiency in skills related to learning, performance, and social-emotional and behavioral functioning.


After testing is complete, we meet with test-takers and parents to review the highlights of the evaluation results and primary recommendations. We subsequently provide a formal written report with more detailed results and additional recommendations that can be shared with schools and related providers. If interventions are recommended, we provide specific recommendations and facilitate introductions until care is underway. 

Who will benefit?

Neuropsychological Testing in Charlotte NC​

Thinking about getting a Neuropsychological Testing in Charlotte NC?​

Individualized testing helpful for anyone with questions or concerns about:

  • learning, attention, or memory
  • social-emotional or behavioral functioning
  • functioning at school or in the workplace
  • cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or sleep-related changes after an illness or injury
  • educational / school placement
  • private and school-based support and interventions
  • testing, school, or workplace accommodations
  • disability and MMI determinations


Some clients request testing when something just doesn’t seem right – and that’s ok, too. We offer standard “comprehensive evaluation services” and brief or targeted screening evaluations. 

Our team is led by Dr. Marla Shapiro, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Health Service Psychologist, and Fellow of both the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the Sports Neuropsychology Society. 

Whether it’s identifying strengths, determining appropriate accommodations, or guiding targeted interventions, we are passionate about providing evidence-based, compassionate, and integrative care that capitalizes on strengths and addresses individual needs.

How to get started

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