Comprehensive Consultation Services for Optimal Well-being and Empowerment

We provide consultation services over and above direct clinical care, providing individuals and organizations with expert guidance and support across a wide range of topics.


Second opinions and testing-related appeals

We offer fresh perspectives on prior evaluations. We can also work collaboratively with your evaluator to offer additional insights or expertise. We provide record reviews and update testing as needed for applications or appeals for high-stakes testing accommodations.


Sports team consultations

In consultation with team physicians, athletic trainers, and coaches, we provide consultation regarding concussion management programs, injury prevention, athlete and family education, optimizing sleep and mental health, and managing cross-country travel.


Educational planning

In addition to providing Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) and school observations, we offer guidance to parents and educators regarding 504 Plans, IEP’s and Behavior Intervention Plans to ensure appropriate accommodations and support for individuals with unique learning needs.


Workplace wellness

For employers and educational institutions, Dr. Shapiro provides consultations on workplace wellness initiatives, ensuring that employees are supported in maintaining their mental and cognitive well-being.


Public and professional education

We provide formal and informal continuing education and peer-to-peer consultation to mental health, medical, and educational colleagues, in addition to presentations to parent, school, and community groups across a range of topics.

“Dr. Shapiro provided our team a series of didactic trainings on behavioral sleep medicine. She is truly one of the leading experts in sleep medicine in Iowa and she is passionate about addressing and treating sleep concerns for individuals of all ages.I highly recommend Dr. Shapiro to any organization or group who wishes to have a more in depth understanding of behavioral sleep medicine”.

–Benjamin Tallman, PhD

We are committed to education and advocacy. In addition to our Clinical and Consultation services, we offer additional resources and links on our Resources, FAQ, and Blog pages, and the DrMomCast podcast.

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