Concussion Recovery and Care

Get Back in the Game: Expert Concussion Care

Concussions are treatable and concussion recovery need not take months. It should take days or weeks if managed well. Sports neuropsychologists are key members of your recovery team, whether the concussion is due to sports or other daily life activities.

What is a concussion?

  • A disruption in the function of the brain as a result of a direct or indirect forceful blow. 
  • A brain injury, but it is not detected by CT scans or MRIs. 
  • Concussions don’t typically cause a loss of consciousness
  • They do result in other physical, cognitive, emotional, and/or sleep-related symptoms.

Symptom duration is highly
variable, and recovery can be prolonged without proper management and consideration of any pre-injury risk factors.

Sports neuropsychologists specialize in concussion management and collaborate with related healthcare providers to create a individualized Care Plans for home, school, and workplace for a faster and safer return to normal activities on and off the playing field.

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Recovery Roadmap

Rest and Recovery don’t just mean staying at home until you feel better. Seek consultation from Sports Neuropsychology acutely to assess for risk factors for prolonged recovery and to develop individualized Care Plans that expedite recovery… and if recovery stalls or is not likely to be complete 2-4 weeks post injury.


Evaluation and Diagnosis

Sports neuropsychologists are experts in understanding brain-behavior relationships and how an injury to the brain – and its symptoms – affects functioning in all aspects of life. Evaluation does not typically involve hours of formal testing, but it does involve proactive assessment for risk factors that can complicate and prolong recovery.

Physical symptoms don’t always mean medication is needed although active rehab with PT and AT is often recommended.



Sports neuropsychologists understand the many factors that affect recovery and develop individualized Care Plans for active recovery. They work with your medical team and typically recommend multidisciplinary care; they also understand sports culture and the unique needs of elite athletes, as well as students and other working adults.


Return to work

We understand the many demands on working adults and work with clients and related providers to develop a plan of individualized lifestyle and workplace adjustments that minimize the symptom spikes and triggers that slow recovery and affect memory and functioning at home and in the workplace.


Return to Learn

Dr. Shapiro is also a Developmental Neuropsychologist and School Psychologist who understands the demands of school and how concussions affect attention and learning. She works collaboratively with school staff and Athletic Trainers to suggest student- and school-specific short-term adjustments that can keep students on track academically while also promoting – not prolonging – recovery.


Return to Play

Sports neuropsychologists collaborate with other health care professionals and athletic personnel, as well as clients and families, to discuss future planning and to develop sport-specific Return-to-Play protocols consistent with best practice standards for return to sport.

As a Sports Neuropsychologist and trusted advisor to professional athletes, Dr. Shapiro brings a deep understanding of the vital role sports play in our lives. With her extensive training and expertise, she ensures that your journey to recovery is measured in days or weeks, not months. Dr. Shapiro conducts comprehensive evaluations, evaluating symptoms, risk factors, and potential roadblocks, ultimately crafting a personalized Post-Injury Care Plan that aligns with each individuals unique needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Shapiro’s dedication extends beyond individual care; she extends her services to children, adolescents, adults, teams, and organizations, supporting athletes and non-athletes alike. Additionally, her expertise in medico-legal consultations ensures that legal matters related to concussions are expertly addressed.

Sports Neuropsychologists do not replace medical providers but, as brain-injury experts (or brain-behavior experts), they work with your Care Team to assess possible cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and sleep-related symptoms and to create a plan that provides the necessary supports for school, work, and return-to-play decisions and lifestyle management. 

Concussions are treatable! If managed properly recovery should take days or weeks, not months.

Rather than taking a “wait and see” approach,  individuals with certain risk factors or symptoms should see a sports neuropsychologist right away when diagnosed with a concussion.


Risk Factors that mean you need to seek professional help:

If you have any of the following risk factors, it is important for you to consult with a specialist after being diagnosed with a concussion.


Understanding concussions in children

Children and teens have different risk factors and need different support after experiencing a concussion.

How can a Sports Neuropsychologist help you recover from a concussion?

Sports Neuropsychologists are brain injury experts!

We -the Shapiro BrainHealth Group- are part of your team as you make your recovery. We work with your primary doctor and other professionals, bringing our specialized training in brain-behavior relationships – how the brain works and how concussions affect thoughts, behavior, emotions, sleep, and physical functioning. We have unique skills to provide individualized care to help individuals recover from concussion quickly and safely and return to optimal performance.

We can usually see acute injuries within 48-72 hours, telehealth and in-person.