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& Psychological Evaluations

Are you or your child struggling in some way with learning, performance, or attention.. or is there a medical disorder that is affecting daily functioning?

Neuropsychological and psychological testing provide insights into how developmental or medical concerns are impacting how one thinks, behaves, or feels. The goal is to provide targeted intervention strategies that promote success, not just a diagnosis.

In-person and telehealth services.

Concussion Care

Most individuals of all ages should be able to recover fully and without permanent difficulties in weeks vs. months. Brain injury experts have the training and skills to make that happen instead of just "giving things time."

Sports Neuropsychologists have specialized training and knowledge about brain functioning to be able to evaluate symptoms, risk factors, and barriers to recovery, and to provide an individualized Post-Injury Care Plan.

It often takes a team, too. Our intradisciplinary approach to care includes assembling the right team to get clients back to work, the classroom, and/or playing fields as quickly and safely as possible. 


Services for children, adolescents, adults, teams, and organizations, and for medico-legal consultations.


In-person and telehealth.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Just like we need food and water to survive,

we also need quality sleep!


It is not unusual to have sleep temporarily disrupted by injury, illness, loss, stress, and life changes, but those disruptions should be short-lived, and even when chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, or other stressors persist. 

Initial appointments include an evaluation of presenting problems and history in order to develop an appropriate intervention plan, and to determine what follow-up may be helpful to address presenting concerns.

Treatment of insomnia is typically fairly brief, 4-8 sessions.


Services provided to children, adolescents, young adults, including parents of young children, to treat a variety of sleep-related problems, from bedtime problems to insomnia, narcolepsy, CPAP adherence, and shift work.


In-person and telehealth.

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"There is no one-size-fits-all approach to practice or clinical care. Partnering with clients, and helping them to become educated advocates and consumers, benefits everyone." 

Medical-Legal Consultations

Record review, intervention planning, and Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) of cognitive function and Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) for medical conditions including concussions and other kinds of brain injuries.

Dr. Shapiro's credentials include selection as a Fellow of both the National Academy of Neuropsychology and

the Sports Neuropsychology Society.

In-person and telehealth.

Community Education and Wellness Programs

Dr. Shapiro is available for workplace wellness presentations and developing company-specific programs to promote general health, wellness, job satisfaction, and

workplace productivity. 

Employee wellness talks focus on Mind/Body relationships, stress, & sleep, and optimizing shift work if applicable. 

She also enjoys presenting to educators, sports organizations, and community groups on a variety of topics from sleep to concussions, migraines, attention disorders, dyslexia, coping with cancer, work-life balance, and more.


Remote and in-person availability. 

High Stakes Testing

Dr. Shapiro has served as a disability consultant for the testing industry, including serving as the Director of Testing Accommodations for the AAMC (MCAT). 

She can assist individual test-takers with evaluations, appeals, second opinions, and documentation reviews to determine appropriate testing accommodations for admissions, certification, licensure, and proficiency tests.  

Telehealth available for some services.

In-person testing also provided.

Calm Sea


Dr. Marla Shapiro is passionate about partnering with clients and related providers to promote brain health and functioning at home, in the classroom or workplace, and on the playing field. 

As a Developmental Neuropsychologist she has specialized in evaluations - not just figuring out what's wrong, but more importantly what to do about it. She uses the information gleaned from evaluations to partner with individuals, families, organizations, and related providers to develop individualized interventions that promote optimal mental and physical health and educational and workplace success. Dr. Shapiro is a Fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and is credentialed as a Health Service Psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

As a Sports Neuropsychologist Dr. Shapiro has developed particular expertise in promoting recovery from concussions and in working with individuals experiencing a prolonged or complicated recovery from concussion. She has worked with athletes of all ages, from pee-wees to pros, serving as an Independent Neuropsychological Consultant for Women's Professional Soccer, Major League Soccer, American/National Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, and Minor League Baseball teams among others, and various high schools and colleges. She has presented at national and international professional meetings and attended the international meetings on Concussion in Sport in St. Moritz in 2008, Zurich in 2012, and Berlin in 2016. She is a Founding Member and Fellow of the Sports Neuropsychology Society.

As a Board-Certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine Provider, Dr. Shapiro works with parents, individuals, and related providers to identify and manage a variety of sleep-related problems for all ages birth to 60, from insomnia to insufficient sleep, sleep apnea, bedtime problems, narcolepsy, and circadian disorders associated with shift work, jet lag, and just staying up too late. Years of working with individuals struggling to overcome barriers to recovery from concussion, illness, trauma, and injury, or simply experiencing difficulties related to attentional focus, performance, or stress has taught her that improving SLEEP can in turn improve success and functioning in so many other areas. 

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