Do You Evaluate For Neurodiversity?

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In short, yes. And no. Prior to 2022, no one had ever asked me that question. Terms like neurodivergent and neurodiversity have become increasingly popular in public conversations around individuality, differentness, disability, and ability over the last several years in particular. They have certainly been new to me and they have been used by potential […]

The Oxymoron Of Using Tracking Apps To Improve Sleep

We Americans live in a driven, productivity-inspired world. As I started writing this post I googled “productivity books” and in less than a second Google found around 271,000,000 references!   Our obsession with productivity tracking We are always looking to do more, and how to do it better. And faster. Healthcare salaries are tied to […]

What Exactly Is Psychological Testing?

What exactly is “psychological testing?” It doesn’t sound pleasant! What do I mean by “testing?” I agree – hours and hours of psychological testing doesn’t sound like much fun. Tests are things we have to take in school, for a grade, and they can be especially intimidating if we’re not prepared. People request neuropsychological or […]

So How Exactly Do You Help People Sleep Better?

When it comes to my sleep-related services, that is the question I probably answer most often, and the answer is simple: by providing short-term, evidence-based, cognitive and behavioral interventions.    In other words, I provide a lot of education about the science of sleep and work collaboratively with my clients to apply the science of […]

Who Should Evaluate And Manage Sports Concussions?

Who should evaluate and manage sports concussions?   Like blind men and elephants…  I realize that my subtitle may not be worded in the most appropriate manner, but I used it anyway because it’s an apt analogy, that of multiple persons who cannot see, standing around an elephant and trying to figure out what it […]

There’s No Place Like Home!

Why Charlotte? I have spent most of my life and professional career in other cities, and most of that time in Atlanta with some of my closest childhood friends nearby. I left Atlanta and a thriving private practice there 4½ years ago to take a leap of faith, however. I accepted a unique opportunity to […]