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Records can be faxed to us at 888-598-9466 or uploaded to the Client Portal.


You can also send them via US mail or another delivery service to the office at 3408 Woodland Ave. Suite 102, West Des Moines, IA 50266. If you prefer to drop them off, please check with us first since neither Dr. Shapiro nor the Office Manager are on site every day to receive records. Please provide copies, not originals.


Current clients are advised to call us or use the Client Portal for all communications in order to best ensure privacy and confidentiality. We do not respond to text messages and cannot guarantee privacy of emails.

Call our office manager Julie directly with questions about forms, records, or scheduling, or for general guidance navigating insurance-related questions. Her direct line is (515) 505-3375.


Appointment Locations


Most routine appointments are conducted via a secure, HIPAA-compliant Zoom telehealth platform. This includes intakes prior to in-person testing unless we have explicitly discussed meeting in-person instead. 


The appointment confirmation (sent to you via text messaging or email) includes the Zoom link for the appointment. A separate confirmation/link is sent to each person invited to attend the appointment. 


Click on the Zoom link to enter the virtual waiting room. Please use a computer or laptop, not a phone or iPad/tablet, since Dr. Shapiro often shares information on-screen that is difficult to read on small screens.


If you cannot log in to Zoom, please call the office ASAP. If you reach the voice mail, please leave a message since the phone is usually set to do not disturb during appointments, and Dr. Shapiro will call you back. 


If there is video but no audio during the appointment, please stay on Zoom and Dr. Shapiro will call you for the audio.  


If the connection drops during the appointment please try to log in again before calling.


All in-person testing is conducted in the offices of Resilience Therapy+Assessment, 3408 Woodland Ave, Suite 102, in West Des Moines, where Dr. Shapiro sublets space with other independent, unaffiliated mental health providers.  

Intakes, testing feedback sessions, behavioral sleep medicine, and concussion appointments are usually conducted via telehealth, but let us know if you prefer in-person. In-person is preferred for all appointments in which younger children will be actively participating.

In case of inclement weather and any local weather-related delays or closures, please check in with Dr. Shapiro before leaving for your in-person appointment.

If the person to be tested is not feeling well, or has symptoms of a cold or cough, please speak directly with Dr. Shapiro BEFORE leaving for the appointment. Not only does she want everyone well enough to be able to perform at their best, she takes extra care because of her work with children with cancer and compromised immune systems. Testing can usually be rescheduled for a weekend, if not a weekday, within 1-2 weeks.

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks. Dress in layers to allow for temperature variations.

An adult should plan to remain on site during testing of minors under age 18 unless you have confirmed alternate plans in writing with Dr. Shapiro.

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